About the project "Oracle Patches"

Логотип социальной сети Oracle PatchesThe project "Oracle Patches" is an international social network, designed for IT professionals and people from related professions and specializations, as well as for all who are interested in computer subjects in all forms. You can find your social circle here, share your experience, or ask more experienced comrades for advice.

The portal will be equally interesting to programmers and administrators, analysts and designers, headhunters and job seekers, top managers (CIO) and middle managers, owners of large companies and small firms. As well as all those for whom IT is not just an unknown abbreviation.

The project was created in 2010 by a group of like-minded people and was initially devoted to products and technologies of Oracle Corporation (Oracle DBMS first). Over time, the project transformed from a highly specialized one into a large-format one, dedicated to IT technologies in general and related areas (economics, science, education, etc.), and expanded into a portal with thousands of audiences.

There is a format of personal blogs, where members of our social network write interesting notes on various topics, and other people comment on them. We can discuss current topics, ask questions and get answers in specialized forums, look for employees in the team or look for work for yourself.

"Oracle Patches" is a community of equal participants, based on the principles of self-organization and self-regulation. The participants themselves are the authors of the materials, and their reviewers. Thus, only high-quality content gets into the social network: interesting posts get positive feedback and actively comment, and irrelevant and uninteresting have low ratings and ignore them.

We invite you to join the IT community and actively express yourself in our social network.

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