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Console Error Messages - Cisco CLI
Андрей Волков

Андрей Волков

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You may see three types of console error messages when working in the Cisco CLI:

  • Ambiguous command
  • Incomplete command
  • Invalid input

Error Message


What to Do

% Ambiguous Command: “show con”

Not enough characters were entered to allow device to recognize the command.

Reenter the command with a question mark (?) immediately after the last character:

show con?

All possible keywords will be displayed

% Incomplete Command

More parameters need to be entered to complete the command.

Reenter the command followed by a question mark (?). Include a space between the command and the question mark (?)

% Invalid input detected at ^ marker

The command entered has an error. The ^ marks the location of the error.

Reenter the command, correcting the error at the location of the ^. If you are unsure what the error is, reenter the command with a question mark (?) at the point of the error to display the commands or parameters available


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