• Cisco ASA 5500-X: Reimaging Essentials for FTD functions

    If your Cisco ASA is currently running FirePOWER Services as a separate module and you want to deploy Firepower Threat Defense (FTD), you must reimage your ASA with the unified FTD image. This blog discusses the steps required to reimage and troubleshoot any Cisco ASA 5500-X Series hardware.

  • Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

    Now is the time to learn about the Cisco FTD. Before we dig into the software components and hardware platforms, let’s try to identify the difference between the FirePOWER Services and Firepower Threat Defense (FTD).

  • Cisco IOS: функция сокращения ввода команд

    Функция завершения командной строки делает интерфейс Cisco IOS намного более дружественным. Она экономит время на ввод команд и помогает в ситуациях, когда вы не можете вспомнить синтаксис команды. В предыдущем примере мы использовали команду configure terminal:

  • Cisco: Console Error Messages

    You may see three types of console error messages when working in the Cisco CLI:

    • Ambiguous command
    • Incomplete command
    • Invalid input
  • Cisco: Resetting Switch Configuration

    In this article, we will provide a sequence of commands to reset the configuration of a Cisco router. So:

  • Cisco: Securing the Control Plane of Infrastructure security

    The control plane is where a Cisco switch or router learns about its environment, using various protocols to talk to neighboring devices. The protocols operating on the control plane of a router are different from those of a switch. Therefore, the types of attacks and the intended results are also different, but they can be generalized into two broad sets:

    • Overwhelming the control plane: This is a DoS attack in which an attempt is made to overwhelm the CPU by sending a large number of control packets. When the CPU is busy handling this flood, it isn’t able to process normal traffic.
    • Corrupting control plane data: In this type of attack, malicious control plane protocol packets are used to inject rogue information to affect the actual flow of data. Typically, STP, VTP, and routing protocols are used in the control plane to create routing tables, forwarding tables, and other tables. An attacker managing to inject incorrect information in these tables can result in a DoS attack or, worse, the data can be redirected to a rogue device for a MITM attack.
  • Cisco: securing the Management Plane of Infrastructure security

    Any function related to management of a device resides in the management plane. The primary means of managing Cisco routers and switches are the console and the vty. Both of these provide access to the command-line interface (CLI). In most cases, even when a GUI interface for management is available, it uses the CLI to issue commands to the device. Apart from direct access to the CLI, SNMP can be used for information gathering and change configuration.

  • Cisco: Shortcuts for Entering Commands

    To enhance efficiency, Cisco IOS Software has some shortcuts for entering commands. Although these are great to use in the real world, when it comes time to take the CCNA 200-301 exam, make sure you know the full commands, not just the shortcuts.

  • Cisco: Using the "Tab" Key to Complete Commands

    When you are entering a command in the Cisco terminal , you can use the Tab key to complete the command. Enter the first few characters of a command and press the Tab key. If the characters are unique to the command, the rest of the command is entered in for you. This is helpful if you are unsure about the spelling of a command, as well as to speed up command entry.

  • Cisco: использование клавиши "Tab" для выполнения команд

    Когда вы вводите команду в терминале Cisco, вы можете использовать клавишу Tab для завершения команды. Введите первые несколько символов команды и нажмите клавишу Tab. Если символы уникальны для команды, остальная часть команды вводится за вас. Это полезно, если вы не уверены в правильности написания команды, а также для убыстрения ввода.

  • Cisco: сброс конфигурации коммутатора

    В этой статье мы предоставим последовательность команд для сброса конфигурации маршрутизатора Cisco. Итак:

  • Cisco: сокращения при вводе команд

    Для повышения эффективности в программном обеспечении Cisco IOS есть несколько сокращений для ввода команд. Хотя их удобно использовать в реальном мире, когда придет время сдавать экзамен CCNA 200-301, убедитесь, что вы знаете все команды, а не только их краткие версии.

  • Cisco: сообщения об ошибках консоли CLI

    При работе в консоли Cisco CLI вы можете увидеть три типа сообщений об ошибках:

    • Ambiguous command (Неоднозначная команда)
    • Incomplete command (Неполная команда)
    • Invalid input (Некорректный ввод)
  • Configuring SSH in Cisco: step by step manual


    Configure SSH in Cisco. Make SSH the default environment for terminal lines.

  • History and evolution of Cisco Firepower solutions

    Cisco acquired Sourcefire in 2013. At that time, Sourcefire was one of the top leaders in the cybersecurity industry for its intrusion detection system (IDS), intrusion prevention system (IPS), and next-generation firewall (NGFW) solutions. The Sourcefire IPS was based on Snort, an open source network intrusion detection and prevention system. In fact, Martin Roesch, the creator of Snort, founded Sourcefire in 2001.

  • Infrastructure security and segmentation: the Three Planes

    We did not leave the world of security for the astral planes, and neither did we switch to the flying kind. The planes we discuss here are the three that exist on a network device: the management, control, and data planes.

  • Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions - Volume I

    Title: Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions - Volume I: Cisco Security Solutions for Advanced Threat Protection with Next Generation Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, AMP, and Content Security, First edition

    Author:Jamie Sanbower, Mason Harris, Vivek Santuka, Aaron Woland
    Publisher: Cisco Press

    Year: 2018
    Pages: 590
    Language: english
    Format: EPUB
    ISBN: 9780134807577, 978-1-58714-706-7

  • Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions - Volume I

    Название: Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions - Volume I: Cisco Security Solutions for Advanced Threat Protection with Next Generation Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, AMP, and Content Security, First edition

    Автор:Jamie Sanbower, Mason Harris, Vivek Santuka, Aaron Woland
    Издательство: Cisco Press

    Год: 2018
    Страниц: 590
    Язык: english
    Формат: EPUB (изначально электронная книга)
    ISBN: 9780134807577, 978-1-58714-706-7

  • Integrating Security Solutions basic principles

    The threats that current-day networks face are advanced, persistent, and evolving continuously. To protect against them, network and security solutions are becoming more complex. Complexity leads to inefficiency and increased cost. A typical large organization uses multiple security products from multiple vendors. Some organizations use up to 70 different products to secure their networks. Each of these products has different information in different management consoles. In the event of an attack, you have to look at multiple consoles and correlate information manually to even determine that you are under attack.

  • ip subnet-zero: Cisco IOS command using with examples

    Historically, it was always recommended that a subnet of all 0s or a subnet of all 1s not be used. Therefore, the formula of 2N – 2 was used to calculate the number of valid subnets created. However, Cisco devices can use those subnets, as long as the command ip subnet-zero is in the configuration. This command is on by default in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0 and later; if it was turned off for some reason, however, you can reenable it by using the following command:

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