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  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse - Architecture and SQL

    Author:Tom Coffing, Todd Wilson
    Publisher: Coffing Publishing

    Year: 2015
    Pages: 752
    Language: english
    Format: EPUB, PDF, 34Mb
    ASIN: B014RHGMW6

  • Oracle OLAP Examples: Data Warehouse & Financial Data Analyzing

    Oracle OLAP using ExamplesIn this blog, we present some real-world examples of how Oracle OLAP have been used to solve analytic challenges. These examples are assembled from a variety of sources, jjl including published stories and our own experiences. In some cases, we exclude the name of the company to protect its privacy; as you might expect, these companies have gained a competitive advantage and want to preserve this advantage.

    We start by presenting three Oracle OLAP examples. Each example describes a typical challenge that can be addressed using OLAP technology, and then shows how Oracle OLAP or Essbase was used to solve that problem. We do not cover every type of usage, but rather provide a sample of what has been done to give you an idea of the possibilities.