Oracle Solaris

  • Oracle Solaris 11 introduction: main components and new features

    Oracle Solaris 11 main components and new featuresSince Oracle Solaris 11 was released in November 2011, there have been two major updates - the 11.1 release in October 2012 and the 11.2 release in July 2014. Oracle released a beta version of Solaris 11.3 in July 2015. These updates added significant new technologies and enhancements to Solaris, already regarded as the premier enterprise UNIX operating system for scalability, stability, and security. As enterprise computing has recently evolved to exploit new virtualization capabilities and cloud computing features, these Solaris updates have led the way in delivering mission-critical IT infrastructure for Oracle’s industry-leading SPARC servers as well as for servers based on modern Intel processors. In this article we present an overview of Oracle Solaris 11’s major features, with an emphasis on the most recent 11.2 release. In future articles, we provide tips, techniques, and advice on how to take advantage of Solaris 11’s numerous capabilities.

  • Terminating Oracle Database processes on Linux/Solaris server


    You’re running a Oracle database backup job, and you think the process is hung. You want to kill the process.


    The OS PID can be used to terminate a process with the kill utility. In this example, ps is used to show the PID of an RMAN backup job that seems to be hung and needs to be terminated: