Relational Model

  • Relational Model and Why It Doesn’t Matter

    In the last article, we pointed out why using the relational model is very important. But there is no perfect model for the world. Abstractions are built to simplify things, but inevitably those abstractions don’t fit, or they cover up an important detail that must be dealt with. Fanatically adhering to the relational model will cause problems.

  • Relational Model and Why It Matters

    The relational model has been immensely influential in computer science and programming. There are many papers, books, and classes related to the theory of relational database systems. We can be successful SQL developers without a thorough understanding of the relational model, but we should at least have an introductory understanding.

  • Relational Versus Document Model: advantages and disadvantages

    The best-known data model today is probably that of SQL, based on the relational model proposed by Edgar Codd in 1970: data is organized into relations (called tables in SQL), where each relation is an unordered collection of tuples (rows in SQL).