• Cloning Oracle Database 12c from Cold Backup

    Restoring Oracle Database from cold backupThis article will walk you through manual methods for cloning databases and tablespaces. If you’re already familiar with these techniques, then feel free to move on to the next chapters in this book, which illustrate how to employ the RMAN duplication process. 

    Knowledge of these methods will help you understand when it’s appropriate to use a technique and its advantages and disadvantages. This information will help you better understand the other chapters in this book that contrast these techniques with the RMAN DUPLICATE functionality. First up is cloning a database using a cold backup.

  • Restore Oracle Database 12c from an RMAN Backup

    How to recovery Oracle 12 from Rman backupWhen you think about architecting your backup strategy, as part of the process you must also consider how you’re going to restore and recover Oracle Database 12c. Your backups are only as good as the last time you tested a restore and recovery. A backup can be rendered worthless without a good restore and recovery strategy. The last thing you want to happen is to experience a media failure, go to restore your database, and then find out you’re missing a file, you don’t have enough space to restore, something is corrupt, and so on.