Best Practices with Oracle RAC 12c Rel. 2: training presentation

Best Practices using of Oracle RAC 12cOracle RAC is Now Part of The World’s First Autonomous Database

  • Self-Driving - User defines service levels, database makes them happen
  • Self-Tuning - Continuous adaptive performance tuning
  • Self-Scaling - Instantly resize compute and storage without downtime
  • Self-Securing - Protection from both external attacks and internal users
  • Self-Repairing - Automated protection from all downtime


Shared Storage Fundamentals

• Shared storage is the top requirement for Oracle RAC.
• Block storage that is supported as shared storage for RAC by
the storage vendor and the server vendor is supported for RAC.
• Exceptions prove the rule.
– Shared File System require certification.
– Storage solutions may be subject to “special ruling”.
• Currently, No 3rd Party Public Cloud supports shared storage for RAC.
• Oracle ASM and ACFS are by far the preferred
storage management solutions for Oracle RAC.
• Caution: no Oracle provided tool can fully reliably check the
appropriate configuration of shared storage beforehand.


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