Oracle Endeca Licensing

Oracle licenses each of the Endeca core components separately. There are three plug-ins that are also licensed separately, listed here:

  • Oracle Endeca Web Acquisition Toolkit This is an add-on module for the Endeca Information Discovery Integrator.
  • Oracle Endeca Text Enrichment This includes text analysis capabilities for extracting people, places, organizations, quotes, and themes as well as summarization capabilities for automatically creating abstracts and topical summaries.
  • Oracle Endeca Text Enrichment with Sentiment Analysis This delivers all the Text Enrichment capabilities as well as advanced text analysis for extracting aggregate sentiment related to each extracted concept. Sentiment is extracted with a score indicating the positive and negative nature of a document, a phrase, or an entity. These scores are used to show varying ranges of positivity and negativity in search, guided navigation, and analytics.

Oracle sales consultants and Oracle license resellers can provide assistance and answer questions regarding Endeca licensing.

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