Data Structures Using Java

Data Structures Using Java

Data Structures Using JavaAuthor: Duncan A. Buell
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Year:  2012
Pages: 392
Language: english
Format: EPUB (best quality), 2 Mb
ISBN: 978-1449628079, 1449628079


About book

 Written in an engaging and informal style, Data Structures Using Java facilitates a student's transition from simple programs in the first semester introductory programming course to more sophisticated, efficient, and effective programs in the second semester Data Structures course. Without delving too deeply into the details of Java, the author emphasizes the importance of effective organization and management of data and the importance of writing programs in a modern, object-oriented style.

Designed to correlate with the curricular guidelines of the ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculum 2008, Data Structures Using Java introduces students to the more advanced concepts of writing programs but is still accessible to non-computer science majors. Believing that learning how to design and write programs requires hands-on application of concepts, the author includes labs throughtout the text for students to immediately apply and test the newly learned material.

The accessible writing style and hands-on approach of Data Structures Using Java, will provide your students with the skills necessary to design and use algorithms and data structures in their programming careers in an uncluttered environment, and efficient manner.

Book's Key Features

  • Content correlates to the learning objectives of the curricular guidelines of the 2008 ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculum.
  • Avoids much of the advanced theory to provide students with the practical skills required to write algorithms and create data structures, in a one-term CS2 course.
  • Ideal for students who want to enter the programming profession immediately
  • Includes lab exercises throughout for students to apply the newly learned concepts.

Instructor Resources:

  • PowerPoint Lecture Outlines
  • Solutions to the chapter exercises
  • Test Bank
  • Source Code needed for the programming exercises.


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