Boris Johnson shot himself in the foot: Russia's retaliatory air sanctions will hurt the UK

Stupid Sanctions Mistake by Boris Johnson

Rosaviatsia completely closed its airspace for all aircraft of British airlines, and aircraft registered there.

Thus, the Russian side has implemented its warning to mirror the sanctions of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who a day earlier banned Aeroflot aircraft from flying over Britain.

The federal agency noted that Russia sent the British aviation authorities an offer to hold consultations on flights between countries, but they refused.

Thus, Russia made it clear to all its opponents that it intends to act decisively and is ready to impose counter-sanctions.

Recall that since Thursday, February 24, Russia has been delivering strikes with high-precision weapons on military infrastructure, air defense facilities, military airfields and aviation of Ukraine. 

The President of Ukraine is trying to draw Western countries into a conflict with Russia.

Russian Aviation makes 1 flight per day to the UK (small losses, right?). But British aviation makes about 700 flights through the territory of Russia per day. Impressive, right? Now we can put an end to this.

Now all these air routes will have to be laid around Russia, and given that the skies of Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq are closed for flights, the overflight trajectory becomes simply unprofitable, and simply impossible.

So Boris Johnson punished himself by shooting himself in the foot. "Scarecrow" once again sat in a puddle. It is pulling the UK into a pool that seems to be getting harder and harder to get out of...

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Really stupid decision by Jonsan..

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