Ecuador: data leakage of almost all citizens

Ecuador: data leakage of almost all citizens
Андрей Васенин

Андрей Васенин

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VpnMentor found a big data leak. From an unprotected server owned by Novaestrat, an Ecuadorian consulting and analytical company, 18 GB of personal data and 20 million financial data of Ecuadorians, including 7 million children, got into the network.

In Ecuador lives approx. 16.5 million people. The leak included in this way, most likely, also the data of deceased citizens of Ecuador. Not only the number of records is amazing, but also the data type. The database contains a lot of confidential information, personal identification numbers, phone numbers, data from the registry office, information about education and career growth, physical addresses and email addresses. In many cases, there were also tax documents of companies and information on bank accounts of one of the largest banks in the country.

It is easy to imagine what criminals would be able to do with such information. The national team for security and response to computer incidents has already blocked access to the server, but it is not known how many people have already been able to copy the data.


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