Russians lose millions due to scammers on the Internet

Russians lose millions due to scammers on the Internet

Russians are losing significant financial resources due to fraud on the Internet. Cases of deception of users of trading Internet resources have become more frequent, experts said.

Attackers steal funds from bank cards that are tied to cell phone numbers. According to computer security experts, the number of fraudulent transactions on the Web reaches three thousand per month.

Most often, scammers lure gullible Russians CVC-and CVV-card codes. In addition, they are asked to provide the password of the mobile Bank, confirmation codes and other information. They explain these requirements by the fact that the only way they can allegedly transfer money for the goods.

Experts remind you: to transfer enough card or phone number. Last year, the volume of fraudulent transactions using Bank cards reached 1.38 billion rubles. This was reported in the CPS, citing data from the Central Bank.

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