A Balance Between Autophagy and Other Cell Death Modalities in Cancer

Balance Between Autophagy and Cancer


Autophagy is an intracellular self-digestive process involved in catabolic degradation of damaged proteins, and organelles, and the elimination of cellular pathogens. Initially, autophagy was considered as a prosurvival mechanism, but the following insights shed light on its prodeath function. Nowadays, autophagy is established as a crucial player in the development of various diseases through interaction with other molecular pathways within a cell. Additionally, disturbance in autophagy is one of the main pathological alterations that lead to resistance of cancer cells to treatment. These autophagy-related pathologies gave rise to the development of new therapeutic drugs. Here, we summarize the current knowledge on the autophagic role in disease pathogenesis, particularly in cancer, and the interplay between autophagy and other cell death modalities in order to combat cancer.

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