NON-Fungible Token (NFT) Future overview

NON-Fungible Token NFT future

Since the inception of NFT, the popularity of NFT games has skyrocketed. As of January 2019, Dapper Labs, the company that created CryptoKitties, has begun collaborating with other NFT providers in order to facilitate interoperability between game platforms. This means that a native NFT from one platform can now be used on another platform without modification. NFT projects have been created by a number of major organisations, including the video game producer NBA and Ubisoft.

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In recent years, the potential for NFTs has extended dramatically beyond the gaming industry. Organizations and organisations are investigating the potential of non-fungible tokens as a means of establishing identity as well as for certification, ticketing, and fractional ownership of both digital and physical assets. Any situation in which there is a requirement for traceability and clear ownership falls under the purview of NFT use cases.

The future of NFTs will heavily depend on the progress of the Ethereum network and wider blockchain technology.

It’s safe to assume that as blockchain technology continues to grow, NFTs will follow – whether it’s on the Ethereum blockchain, another public network, or a private network.

Crowdfunding a non-fungible token

Non-fungible tokens are still relatively new, and most game developers have had to figure out how they can be made as they go. This means that many NFTs are built using existing smart contracts or by creating their protocol. In some cases, the founders of an NFT will also create a game to showcase its features and utility. This allows users to purchase the game and give it a level of credibility.

The NFT Approach to Crowdfunding

Funding for a new company by using crowdfunding is a relatively new concept. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been accessible on the Ethereum network since 2015. But among game creators and a broader audience, they are still relatively obscure. This means that many developers may not have the tools or resources to create an NFT. This is one of the reasons that the NFT Approach to Crowdfunding was created. This approach makes it possible for NFTs to be created, hosted, and distributed on any platform (including mobile devices and web browsers). In addition, game developers can also build their own crowdfunding campaign using the “NFT-Crowdfund” standard.  It provides developers with the tools and resources they need to create their own NFT.  This allows them to create their own ERC-721 token — which is an NFT that can be used as a crowdfunding campaign.

Creating NFT-Crowdfund

Here is how you can potentially build your own NFT-Crowdfund:

1) Create your colored token for crowdfunding on a platform (Ethereum Wallet, Metamask, etc.) or via a command-line interface (console).

2) Use NFT-Crowdfund protocol for creating and distributing the NFT.

3) Use ERC 721 to describe your game items.

4) Use ERC – 684 for creating pre-order items with a discount.  These will not be fungible after the Crowdfund ends.  Unsold pre-order items are burned.

5) List your rare item(s) on a marketplace for selling post-crowdfunding using the NFT registry, or create your own marketplace.  Rename your NFT if needed to reflect the marketplace name.  All pre-order items must be re-categorized to match your new marketplace category.

1) Create your colored token for crowdfunding on a platform (Ethereum Wallet, Metamask, etc.) or via a command-line interface (console).

2) Use NFT-Crowdfund protocol for creating and distributing the NFT.

3) Use ERC 721 to describe your game items.

Hype Art NFT Marketplace

Finally, I wanted to introduce you to this revolutionary project named Hype Art. I am developing with a team of art and cryptocurrency lovers.

Non-For-Profit (NFP) projects began to gain widespread notice. Although crypto was going through a downturn at the time, the industry saw significant growth because of it.

The most used marketplaces for NFT (Superrare, Niftigataway, Rarible) are presenting their platforms in a way that is more similar to Amazon and eBay than to an art gallery: collectors don’t feel any artistic experience when browsing these platforms.

The artist is not at the center of the discussion. No space is given to the vision and the thought behind its work.

We think the artistic vision of the NFT creator needs to be placed at the center of the narrative. Each artist will be able to share the creative idea behind their work through a live interview (hosted by Koinsquare) together with a curated description of the work presented.

We aim to create a 3d virtual gallery that allows the collector to replicate the same feeling of seeing works displayed in a real gallery.

We want to stimulate the community of our collectors by using gamification; therefore, auctions will be made in parallel to airdrops to our followers.

2.  Where? will use Opensea (ETH blockchain) and FAN (Tron blockchain) as platforms where the auction will take place, to access a bigger market. will instead provide the artistic promotion towards the community and a structured team to allow artists to customize their “online exhibitions”.

There are 3 key players: Zulu Republic, Koinsquare and Satoshygallery.

The Zulu Republic is a place that exists on the blockchain where people, businesses, and organizations can thrive on their own terms. Our purpose is to help advance the development of decentralized technology, which is likely to have an enormous impact on the advancement of human rights and empowerment throughout the world, as well as the mitigation of the digital gap.

Koinsquare is a project that aims to promote and disseminate information and knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

With our commitment, passion and professional approach, we present and analyze different topics such as Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, centralized / decentralized Exchanges, ICOs, Fintech Industry, Market values of the major crypto assets, Mining systems and much more.

Sathoshy Gallery was born in a very early stage of cryptocurrency history. Since 2013, it is using iconography and art to fill the gap between technology developers and the general public and spread the crypto culture to a larger audience. Satoshigallery has provided art paintings to various private collectors worldwide, illustrated books for Andreas Antonopoulos, and drew some of the most iconic logos in the crypto space (Bitfinex, Tether, etc.).

  • March 2021: was born
  • April 2021: Platform and artistic development
  • May 2021: Marketing development
  • September 2021: Launch of platform for public

Artist exhibition will include thousands of Airdrops and a premium Auction, ready to scream out the first Artist with the launch of You have been one of the first to get an invitation to view the Exhibition and to bid in the Auction. We will be providing a date announcement to the subscriber as soon as possible.

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