Mastering Web App Development Requires More than Coding Skills

For mastering Web app development, it’s not sufficient that you master coding in your favorite programming language. It’s essential that you understand all basic concepts and techniques, not just in programming, but also in information management.

A programming (or software development) technology typically combines a programming language, such as JavaScript, Java or C#, with a framework or a number of libraries, such as JavaScript with BackboneJS, Java with JPA and JSF, or C# with ASP.NET MVC, for programming user interfaces and data storage management.

Many developers seem to believe that all they need to learn and master for their professional career are the right programming technologies. However, they fail to master app development, if they don’t manage to learn the general concepts and techniques needed for being able to apply programming technologies in the right way.

Understanding general concepts and techniques, in programming and information management, helps you to

  • better understand the elements of a language or framework by recognizing them as specific incarnations of general concepts,
  • compare different technologies and assess their strengths and weaknesses,
  • make an informed choice of a new promising language/technology suitable for your purposes.

While technology-specific knowledge is important (in fact, it is the basis) for mastering programming and app development, it is also true that its half-time value is pretty short. In this book, we do not only explain programming and information management concepts and techniques in a technology-independent way, we also explain in which way these concepts and techniques are supported in the two most relevant technologies: JavaScript and Java.


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