Nginx: Blocking by IP list

Blocking IP in Nginx
Андрей Васенин

Андрей Васенин

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In this article, we will look at how to block unwanted IP addresses in the Nginx web server. So, step by step instructions:

1. Open the file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf for editing and add after http {

http {
    include /etc/nginx/blockips.conf;

where /etc/nginx/ is the path to the blockips.conf file from the server root.

2. Create a text file blockips.conf with UTF-8 encoding on the locale in Notepad ++ (or in any other text editor).

3. Add a list of blocked IP addresses to the file according to the example (such options are possible):

deny 2a02:748:b000:3:a87a:866d:94f0:ffbe;
deny 2a02:748:b000:3:a87a:866d:94f0:ffbe/22;

Note! You can use ready-made (collected by special services) lists of unwanted (spam) addresses:

1) Spam IP for the last 10 days - a ready-made list:

2) Recently spam IPs added manually by users - a ready-made list: 

To quickly edit the lists downloaded above, use the text editor Notapad ++:
- press Ctrl + H to open the automatic replacement window.
- check the Extended checkbox in the replacement window.
- then replace \r with;
- then replace \n with \ndeny(space)
- to get like this:

Additional tools to create a list of blocked IP addresses:

3) Network calculator:

4) IP to CIDR:

5) Creating a list of IPs in CIDR format by country:  (on the right, there are Country IP listing blocks, select a country and CIDR).

4. Upload blockips.conf to the server via ssh, give it CMOD 644 rights through any ssh file manager:

CMOD 644 /etc/nginx/blockips.conf

5. Restart Nginx, for example, like this:

service nginx restart


systemctl restart nginx

6. Update the list periodically, at least once a month.

Note! Added a sample file with a list of spam IPs and also adding the country Ukraine below (adding Ukraine greatly reduced the number of spammers on my sites, but this is purely individual).

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