SAP Database Administration for Oracle

Автор:  Sebastian Schreckenbach 
Издательство: SAP PRESS

Год: July 30, 2016
Страниц: 190
Язык: английский


 Keep your Oracle database up and running in SAP with this e-book from the leading SAP publisher! Learn how to execute important SAP Basis admin tasks: check database actions, monitor and analyze database performance, perform backups and restores, and more. Then dive deep into your toolkit: implement SQL statements and scripts with Oracle’s SQL*Plus and manage tablespaces and data files with SAP’s BR*Tools. Is your Oracle database up to snuff?

  • Perform database-agnostic administrative tasks
  • Get your fill of SQL for Oracle: SQL*Plus, SQL statements, and SQL scripts
  • Keep your Oracle database in good shape with steps on how to check, backup, and restore


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