Oracle PL/SQL Programming (5th ed.)

Автор: Feuerstein S., Pribyl B.
Издательство: O'Reilly Media

Год: 2009
Страниц: 1299
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf



 This book is the definitive reference on PL/SQL, considered throughout the database community to be the best Oracle programming book available. Like its predecessors, this fifth edition of Oracle PL/SQL Programming covers language fundamentals, advanced coding techniques, and best practices for using Oracle's powerful procedural language. Thoroughly updated for Oracle Database 11g Release 2, this edition reveals new PL/SQL features and provides extensive code samples, ranging from simple examples to complex and complete applications, in the book and on the companion website.This indispensable reference for both novices and experienced Oracle programmers will help you:

  • Get PL/SQL programs up and running quickly, with clear instructions for executing, tracing, testing, debugging, and managing PL/SQL code
  • Optimize PL/SQL performance with the aid of a brand-new chapter in the fifth edition
  • Explore datatypes, conditional and sequential control statements, loops, exception handling, security features, globalization and localization issues, and the PL/SQL architecture
  • Understand and use new Oracle Database 11g features, including the edition-based redefinition capability, the function result cache, the new CONTINUE statement, fine-grained dependency tracking, sequences in PL/SQL expressions, supertype invocation from subtypes, and enhancements to native compilation, triggers, and dynamic SQL
  • Use new Oracle Database 11g tools and techniques such as PL/Scope, the PL/SQL hierarchical profiler, and the SecureFiles technology for large objects
  • Build modular PL/SQL applications using procedures, functions, triggers, and packages


  • Programming in PL/SQ
  • Introduction to PL/SQL
  • Creating and Running PL/SQL Code
  • Language Fundamentals
  • PL/SQL Program Structure
  • Conditional and Sequential Control
  • Iterative Processing with Loops
  • Exception Handlers
  • PL/SQL Program Data
  • Working with Program Data
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Dates and Timestamps
  • Records
  • Collections
  • Miscellaneous Datatypes
  • SQL in PL/SQL
  • DML and Transaction Management
  • Data Retrieval
  • Dynamic SQL and Dynamic PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL Application Construction
  • Procedures, Functions, and Parameters
  • Packages
  • Triggers
  • Managing PL/SQL Code
  • Optimizing PL/SQL Performance
  • I/O and PL/SQL
  • Advanced PL/SQL Topics
  • Application Security and PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL Architecture
  • Globalization and Localization in PL/SQL
  • Object-Oriented Aspects of PL/SQL
  • Calling Java from PL/SQL
  • External Procedures
  • Appendix Regular Expression Metacharacters and Function Parameters
  • Metacharacters
  • Functions and Parameters
  • Appendix Number Format Models
  • Appendix Date Format Models


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