Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods: Including Oracle 12c Release 2

Автор:  Y V RaviKumar, K M Krishna Kumar, Nassyam Basha
Издательство: Publisher: Apress

Год: February 26, 2017
Страниц: 610
Язык: английский
ISBN: 1484223276



 So it’s time to upgrade Oracle Database to version 12c and you need to choose the appropriate method while considering issues such as downtime. This book explains all of the available upgrade and migration methods so you can choose the one that suits your environment. You will be aware of the practical issues and proactive measures to take to upgrade successfully and reduce unexpected issues. You will learn best practices and recommendations for upgrading and will learn the patching process.

With every release of Oracle Database there are new features and fixes to bugs identified in previous versions. As each release becomes obsolete, existing databases need to be upgraded. Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods explains each method along with its strategy, requirements, steps, and known issues that have been seen so far. The book also compares the methods to help you choose the proper method according to your constraints.

Also included in this book:

  • Pre-requisite patches and pre-upgrade steps
  • Patching to perform changes at the binary and database level to apply bug fixes
  • Steps for upgrading using existing database backup
  • Database downgrade steps in case the upgraded database isn’t compatible with your environment
  • Steps to upgrade in a variety of environments, including high availability, multi-tenant, and e-business

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