Oracle Soa Suite 11g

Книга Oracle Soa Suite 11gАвтор: Eaiesb
Издательство: ConsultantsNetwork

Год: November 12, 2013
Страниц: 692
Язык: английский
ISBN: 1940558077


 This book is an introduction to Oracle SOA Suite 11g. It introduces you to this most useful tool and provides numerous hands on examples of how to use the product. SOA Suite 11g is known as among other things a BPEL engine (one of its many engines) that is used as the "homogenizing" technology because of its ability to unify various products. Although it contains many engines, the design time experience is singular and abstracts the deep technology under the covers while exposing the full functionality through the interface. The runtime is also bundled nicely into a seamless platform based on WebLogic that provides full clustering, fail-over, and extensibility support. In addition to the raw platform, SOA supports a vast range of Adapters that are covered here. From the Web Service Adapter to the Database Adapter to the FTP Adapter and many more. These adapter allow much easier integration with native technologies and other 3rd Party technologies.

The introduction of SOA Suite through this book is meant to be experiential. The theory is minimized and the practical hands-on experience is maximized. You will learn by doing.


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