"Hello World" to Oracle Soa: The Complete Guide to Oracle Soa Suite 11g

Книга Автор:  Kathiravan Udayakumar
Издательство: Trafford Publishing 

Год: November 6, 2012
Страниц: 1040
Язык: английский
ISBN: 1466963654


 "Hello World" to Oracle SOA is a perfect companion that will be helpful to gain the skills in developing next generation integration components using Oracle SOA Suite 11g. It also pays the way for the Integration Consultants/Developers to upgrade skills from the existing EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) background to Oracle SOA. It covers the required details from the beginners to become master in Oracle SOA Suite 11g. It consists of five major sections with 51 Chapters, two of it to explain the Basics and Advanced Concepts in Oracle SOA Suite, next two sections for Examples and a Tutorial (Next Generation Employee Hiring Process) with an additional appendix section that discuss about the key tips for SOA Implementation. This book covers the key components of Oracle SOA stack and helps to readers to be an independent developer by following the concepts, tutorials and examples. Below list of topics are covered in details in this book with unique examples for each of the topic discussed.

  • Introduction to WebService Development
  • Introduction to Oracle SOA Suite & Installation Procedures
  • Overview on Oracle SCA Components
  • Developing first SCA Composite with Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle SCA Component Description
  • Testing the Service Composite Application
  • Building Integration Components with Oracle SOA
  • Building Service Composite Application with Oracle SOA
  • Building Business Process Flows with Oracle SOA
  • Securing Oracle SCA Composite using OWSM
  • Guidelines to Administer Oracle SOA Suite
  • Advanced Concepts in Oracle SOA


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1000 страниц в книге. Видимо действительно полное руководство по Oracle SOA. Особенно интересна тема моделированию бизнес-процессов (Business Process Flows) в SOA