Oracle Business Process Execution Language 11g: Personal Edition

Автор: Ashish Totade
Издательство: CreateSpace Independent

Год: July 11, 2012
Страниц: 198
Язык: английский
ISBN: 1478226668


 Oracle Business Process Execution Language 11g is written for new and intermediate users, key-users and administrators. It focuses on your role in an Oracle Middleware-environment and explains the Concepts, describes the main Screens and gives Step-by-Step instructions with navigation paths. All chapters have Questions and Answers. The book has eight chapters, 197 pages and has 186 screenshots and illustrations. The Topics include: Introduction to BPEL and Oracle BPEL Process Manager, WSFL, XLang, Oracle BPEL Server, Creation of a BPEL application and Project, Activities, Partner link, Variables, Correlation sets, Creation of a correlation property, Fault Handlers, Create a Catch fault handler, Synchronous and Asynchronous web services, Parallel flow, FlowN Activity, While Activity, Creation of an Xpath Expression in a While Activity, Switch Activity, Creation of an Email-activity in a Process, WorkList Application, Task Components, Adapter Configuration Wizard, AQ Adapter, Database Adapter, File Adapter/FTP Adapter, Java Web Service, EJB web service, Decision Service, Wait Activity, Creation of a Pick activity, Edit Java Embedding, Adding a compensation handler to a BPEL process, Creation of an activity sensor, Create Fault Sensor Screen, Using the XSL Mapper, Adding E-mail notification to a BPEL Process, Accessing the human task editor from the application, Creation of a task display form, Workflow Editor and much more. What do Oracle users think about these books? "Very well structured and easy to follow, even for beginners." John M. McNamara – Wokingham Borough Council "Highly informative and exemplary, hats off." Sunil Sunder Rao – Apps DBA "I am really happy that I found these books." Peter Lung – Consultant


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