Oracle Data Integrator 12c Developer Jumpstart Guide

Автор: Soundarapandian Murugarajan
Издательство: Outskirts Press

Год: February 18, 2015
Страниц: 255
Язык: английский


 The intention of this book is to provide a jumpstart for a developer to gain knowledge on how to do ELT using Oracle Data Integrator 12c. This book explains the most common business requirements using a simple source and target objects. This manuscript contains real time examples with step-by-step guidance and screen shots. All examples used are simple in nature. The idea is for the reader to gain confidence with using the Oracle Data Integrator. Examples are intended to be a good encouraging factor for developers to gain confidence. This book is designed to be a stepping-stone for the developer to venture into advance features of Oracle Data Integrator. After reading this book, developers are meant to gain a basic idea on how to use Oracle Data Integrator during their development cycle. Just by reading the ODI developer guide, a developer may not be able to perform mapping, however the step-by-step screen shots provided in this book will enable the developer to understand the tool better. There are other ways to perform the ELT other than the ones explained in this book. The intent of this guidebook is to show a sample method only. Developers can feel free to try their own methods to accomplish their results. In the author’s opinion, the ROI for buying this book will be over 100% because this guide is proven to save valuable time when learning ETL using Oracle Data Integrator 12c. In general it may take a Developer two to three weeks to understand and begin ETL coding. With the help of this guide, a developer can start coding in a very short period of time; perhaps in three to four days’ time.


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