Nailing 1Z0-808: Practical Guide to Oracle Java SE8 Programmer I Certification

Автор:  Igor Soudakevitch
Издательство: CreateSpace Independent

Год: November 25, 2016
Страниц: 456
Язык: английский
ISBN: 1540609642


 Dead set at getting certified? This is your lucky ticket, then.

This book has one sole purpose: to hone your skills for solving the OCA JSE8 exam questions both reliably and quickly.

Here are its bullet points:

  • Based on bitter personal experience
  • Brims with hints, tips and tricks
  • Includes 300+ hand-picked quizzes
  • Offers in-depth explanations
  • Provides mnemonics and shorthands
  • Hits exam objectives from multiple angles
  • Packs 5+KLOCs of 100% tested code
  • Politically incorrect

Ideally, Nailing 1Z0-808 should become the beachhead from which you’ll be launching your final offensive to conquer the coveted Oracle Certified Programmer I title.

The author will take his readers through the entire workflow both for the preparation and actual sitting of the exam. This tutorial will not only present all necessary steps and guidelines, but also explain how they can be used to avoid hidden dangers. The result is a very pragmatic, even utilitarian handbook that is chock full of recommendations, helpful suggestions and carefully crafted practice questions.

The key to the author, when putting together this volume, has been to make it possible for any exam taker to detect traps and save time for tougher questions in order to have at least one complete, unhurried Review and pass the exam with flying colors.

Too many candidates rely exclusively on their strategic approach, which consists chiefly of learning such and such rules from the JLS. However, to know proper syntax or principles of overriding or exception handling and so on isn’t enough; the author witnessed it firsthand. You need to learn how to apply them under stress, when everything works against you, thus requiring properly chosen tactics.

This 450-page-long book contains every single trick, approach, or technique the author had been using while both preparing for and taking the actual exam – resulting in the 98% score.


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