Easy Oracle SQL: Get Started Fast Writing SQL Reports with SQL*Plus

Автор: John Garmany
Издательство: Rampant Techpress

Год: December 31, 2010
Страниц: 260
Язык: английский
ISBN: 0982306105


 In this text, John Garmany leverages his ability to explain complex issues in plain English into a one-of-a-kind book for SQL and SQL*Plus beginners. This book is intended for anyone who needs to extract Oracle data and format reports. John reveals even more secrets for quickly and easily producing stunning reports from Oracle. Unknown to most Oracle professionals, special SQL extraction techniques and SQL*Plus commands can be used to quickly create complex reports, without buying expensive third-party reporting tools. Best of all, John Garmany's exciting second edition shares more working samples in his online code depot than before. Your time savings from a single script is worth the price of this great book. Easy Oracle SQL is your introduction to using SQL and SQL*Plus with an Oracle database. Whether you are just learning SQL or just need a handy reference, this book will provide you with proven methods to building queries and reports using SQL. Each concept is explained in detail with multiple examples and exercises at the end of each section. Also included is a section detailing how to effectively use SQL*Plus to not only create and run queries but also to create quality reports and scripts. This book will have you up and using SQL quickly and efficiently.


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