SQL: The Ultimate SQL Crash Course: Learn The Structured Query Language For The Most Prominent Databases

Автор:  Simon Bedford
Издательство: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Год: August 5, 2015
Страниц: 30
Язык: английский


  •  You're about to learn so much about structured query language for most prominent databases, which are MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle.
  • The most basic skill for modern day computer users
  • Learn the basics of Structured Query Language for the Most Popular Databases.

Essential things you need to know (книга предоставит Вам базовые знания, которые вы обязаны знать):

Running and working for a modern business will require you to know so much about databases; how to create databases, how to retrieve information from these databases and how to change and manipulate the information from the databases to suit your current needs.

Learn and succeed (читая книгу, вы обучитесь и достигнете успеха по следующим темам):

  • The key to succeed in business today is to learn all about database management systems and how they work. With so many database management systems these days, you have to choose the right one, that will give you full benefits that you need in your business.
  • Why Learn About SQL?
  • Gain access to servers easily
  • Choose the best server for your kind of business and needs
  • Gain relevant skills in database creation
  • Learn SQL skills faster
  • Database table creation
  • Insert, remove and delete data from databases with ease
  • Succeeding in business through SQL skills
  • Here is a Preview of What You'll Learn
  • MS SQL Server Access
  • MS SQL Server Editions
  • Advantages of MS SQL Server
  • Learning SQL faster
  • Skills you need to effectively use MS SQL Server
  • More about MySQL Server
  • Creating MySQL Database
  • MySQL performance
  • Connecting to MySQL server
  • MariaDB - why it is better than MySQL
  • Oracle characteristics
  • Difference between Oracle and MS SQL
  • Why Oracle could be the best choice for you
  • Much more!

Take action today and learn SQL fast!


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