Ultimate Oracle RAC 11g: Build It, Get Certified®

Автор:  Aaron Soule

Год: January 28, 2014
Страниц: 636
Язык: английский


 This is the premier do-it-yourself guide to learning and mastering Oracle RAC. This guide starts out with a clean, organized and sequential approach for building your own home RAC setup. Using the latest releases of VMware and Linux, the author will demonstrate how to affordably build a stable study environment from the bare metal all the way up to a running database. The author has already done the heavy lifting, spending thousands of hours navigating the weeds and working through the hiccups… leaving you with the smooth, easy path. Every screenshot and script is clearly laid out: no brain teasers or gotchas leaving you in the lurch. To top it off you will apply the latest rolling patch without shutting down the database. Once you have your study environment established, the guide continues even further to grill you on theoretical and practical concepts covered on the 1Z0-058 expert exam for Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g and Grid Infrastructure Administrator. The author provides his personal stash of over 800 flashcards organized per official exam objective that he personally used to easily pass the exam. 

While either half of this guide is unlike anything on the market and would be an incredible value in and of itself, the author wants you to succeed in growing your career. No more are RAC databases only for the hand-picked elite with exclusive access to high-end servers and closed-door corporate seminars. Now anybody can take this turn-key guide and expand their career possibilities into this potentially lucrative skillset. Even if you aren’t specifically interested in RAC, you can still use the lab setup to pursue Oracle Certified Master (which the author holds). This is 100% value, getting you where you want to go with absolutely no filler. Knowing Real Application Clusters is the bedrock for understanding the hidden cloud economy that is about to explode. Claim your place among the masters who will be charging sky-high rates for designing and maintaining these services.


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