Data Modeling Made Simple with Embarcadero ER/Studio Data Architect, 2nd edition

Автор: Steve Hoberman

Год: 2015
Страниц: 350
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
ISBN: 1634620925


 Build a working knowledge of data modeling concepts and best practices, along with how to apply these principles with ER/Studio. This second edition includes numerous updates and new sections including an overview of ER/Studio’s support for agile development, as well as a description of some of ER/Studio’s newer features for NoSQL, such as MongoDB’s containment structure. You will build many ER/Studio data models along the way, applying best practices to master these ten objectives:

  • Know why a data model is needed and which ER/Studio models are the most appropriate for each situation
  • Understand each component on the data model and how to represent and create them in ER/Studio
  • Know how to leverage ER/Studio’s latest features including those assisting agile teams and forward and reverse engineering of NoSQL databases
  • Know how to apply all the foundational features of ER/Studio
  • Be able to build relational and dimensional conceptual, logical, and physical data models in ER/Studio
  • Be able to apply techniques such as indexing, transforms, and forward engineering to turn a logical data model into an efficient physical design
  • Improve data model quality and impact analysis results by leveraging ER/Studio’s lineage functionality and compare/merge utility
  • Be able to apply ER/Studio’s data dictionary features
  • Learn ways of sharing the data model through reporting and through exporting the model in a variety of formats
  • Leverage ER/Studio’s naming functionality to improve naming consistency, including the new Automatic Naming Translation feature.


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