The Relational Database Dictionary, Extended Edition

Книга The Relational Database Dictionary, Extended Edition Автор:  C. J. Date
Издательство: Apress

Год: August 7, 2008
Язык: английский


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The Relational Database Dictionary, Extended Edition

 Written by database luminary C. J. Date, The Relational Database Dictionary is now better than ever! The new Extended Edition has more than 900 definitions, many with detailed examples and cross references. This is the sourcebook for the database professional or student of databases wishing to correctly understand the terminology. It is the only resource of its kind and an invaluable aid to anyone serious about database technology. It features

  • Over 300 new terms and numerous adaptations make this the reference of choice
  • Concise, correct, unambiguous definitions with examples as appropriate
  • C. J. Dates unique attitude and perceptions on the uses of the terms

Because this book is specifically geared to the relational database professional, you won’t have to search for all those annoying common usage terms that have special database meanings.

They’re all here and defined only as they pertain to relational databases.

C. J. Date is an independent author, lecturer, researcher, and consultant, specializing in relational database technology (a field he helped pioneer). He is best known for his book, An Introduction to Database Systems (8th edition, 2004), which has sold over 750,000 copies and is used by several hundred colleges and universities worldwide. He is also the author of many other books on relational database management, including most recently Logic and Databases:

The Roots of Relational Theory (Trafford Publishing, 2007). He was inducted into the Computing Industry Hall of Fame in 2004.

 This dictionary contains just over 900 entries dealing with issues, terms, and concepts involved in, or arising from use of, the relational model of data. Many of the entries include not only a definition as such but also an illustrative example (sometimes more than one). With regard to those definitions, I’ve done my best to make them as clear, precise, and accurate as possible; they’re based on my own best understanding of the material, an understanding

I’ve gradually been honing over nearly 40 years of involvement in this field. I’d like to stress the point that the dictionary is, as advertised, relational. To that end, I’ve deliberately omitted many terms and concepts that are only tangentially connected to relational matters (e.g., almost all details of the supporting type theory, including type inheritance details in particular). For the most part, I’ve also omitted various topics that are part of database technology in general and aren’t peculiar to relational databases (e.g., security issues, the log, recovery and concurrency control, and so forth). What’s more, I’ve also omitted certain SQL terms and concepts that—the fact that SQL is supposed to be a relational language notwithstanding—aren’t really relational at all (outer join, UNION ALL, and updating through a cursor are examples).


That said, I should add that I have deliberately included a few nonrelational terms in order to make it clear that, contrary to popular opinion, the concepts in question are indeed not relational (index is a case in point here).

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