SQL Server 2016 Developer's Guide

Книга SQL Server 2016 Developer's GuideАвтор:  Milos Radivojevic, Dejan Sarka 
Издательство: Packt Publishing

Год: April 6, 2017
Страниц: 634
Язык: английский
ISBN: 1786465345


 Key Features (ключевые особенности книги)

  • Utilize the new enhancements in T-SQL and security features in SQL Server 2016 to build efficient database applications
  • Work with temporal tables to get information about data stored in the table at any point in time
  • A detailed guide to SQL Server 2016, introducing you to multiple new features and enhancements to improve your overall development experience

Book Description (описание книги)

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is considered the biggest leap in the data platform history of the company in the ongoing era of big data and data science. Compared to its predecessors, SQL Server 2016 offers developers the opportunity to leverage the advanced features and build applications that are robust, scalable, and easy to administer.

The new features of SQL Server 2016 open a completely new set of possibilities for a developer. For example, traditionally, database developers did not deal with advanced statistical data mining and machine learning languages such as R.

This book prepares you for advanced topics by starting with a quick introduction to SQL Server 2016's new features and a recapitulation of the possibilities you have already explored with previous versions of SQL Server. The next part introduces you to small delights in the Transact-SQL language and then switches to a completely new technology inside SQL Server-JSON support. We also take a look at the Stretch database, security enhancements, and temporal tables.

The last chapters concentrate on implementing advanced topics, including Query Store, columnstore indexes, and In-Memory OLTP. The final two chapters introduce R and R support in SQL Server and show you how to use the R language for data exploration and analysis beyond the possibilities that a developer has with Transact-SQL.

What you will learn (чему Вас научит книга)

  • Explore the new features added to SQL Server 2016
  • Identify opportunities for In-Memory OLTP technology
  • Use columnstore indexes to get significant storage and performance improvements
  • Extend database design solutions using temporal tables
  • Exchange JSON data between applications and SQL Server in a more efficient way
  • Migrate historical data transparently and securely to Microsoft Azure by using Stretch Database
  • Use the new security features to encrypt or to have more granular control over access to rows in a table
  • Tune your workload performance with Query Store
  • Discover the potential of R's integration with SQL Server


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