MS SQL, T-SQL, and SQL Server Interview Questions: Hundreds of Questions, Responses, and Explanations

Книга MS SQL, T-SQL, and SQL Server Interview QuestionsАвтор: William Barden
Издательство: William Barden

Год: January 29, 2015
Страниц: 102
Язык: английский


 This book contains typical interview questions that you might encounter while interviewing for a SQL Developer. It is geared towards a Microsoft environment, that is, employment positions that use Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft T-SQL, although the SQL portion is applicable towards any Relational Data Base (RDB) that uses ANSI SQL. This isn’t every conceivable question you might be asked, but it does include actual questions that have been asked on job interviews. It is meant to be a broad reference for allowing you to determine in what areas you might additional study and to be a good calibration for how well prepared you are for that crucial interview. There are no guarantees, but if you can answer most of the questions posed here, you should be judged as having a good understanding of basic SQL Developer skills. Note that the questions do not include many DBA (Database Administrator) questions. DBA knowledge is an extension of the knowledge required for SQL Developers, and if you’re interviewing for a DBA position, you’d best supplement the material here with DBA study as well. SQL Developers need some knowledge of DBA skills, since in most cases you’ll be interfacing to a resident DBA who handles day by day administrative tasks for company’s databases. In smaller companies you’ll conceivably be called upon to handle rudimentary DBA tasks as well.

How do companies come up with these questions? There are no “standard” questions. In many cases managers or SQL Server professionals are asked to come up with questions to be used. Presumably there is a correlation between answering the questions correctly and the ability to perform the tasks of the job, but such factors as experience of the question preparers, preference for academic versus practical emphasis, and focus on the tasks of the current projects comes into play.

Answering the technical questions posed in this compilation is only part of the interview process. A face-to-face interview is also used to assess your appearance, experience, personality, and social skills. These elements are often overlooked in preparing for an interview, and we’ve included short sections on how to hone your skills in these areas. Unlike the technical questions, the factors in these areas may be subjective rather than objective. Nevertheless, whether you are hired or not may depend upon a single failure in one of these areas – being late for the interview, being underdressed, or making a bad joke about recreational drugs or alcohol. Applying the guidelines discussed here will increase your chances of a successful interview and an offer of employment.

Good luck!


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