Oracle8I for Windows Nt Starter Kit

Книга Oracle8I for Windows Nt Starter KitАвтор:  Steve Bobrowski 
Издательство: Mcgraw-Hill Osborne Media

Год: November 1, 2005
Страниц: 688
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF (отсканированные страницы), 46 Мб
ISBN: 007212248X


 -- Oracle's New Flagship Database and NT. As Windows NT becomes an increasingly popular platform for database applications, customers need to choose a database that will maximize the system's current capabilities. Oracle8i for Windows NT provides all the features needed to run a business on Windows NT for departmental or enterprise-wide deployment.

-- The Challenge. Reaping the benefits of an Oracle NT database system creates a challenge for developers and administrators alike who are new to the platform and need to get up to speed with the various application development, integration, information management, reliability, scalability, and security issues. A complete learning tool is required to minimize the ramp-up time a user requires to install and deploy a database, while maximizing the user's experience through steps-by-step instructions and examples.

-- The Starter Kit, A Complete Learning Tool. Oracle Press' new Starter Kit line will serve as turnkey solutions for Oracle database technology. Standard elements in the Starter Kit titles will cover all of the products' basic feature sets including installation, administration, and troubleshooting. In addition to these standard elements, all Starter Kits will include the actual, fully abled Oracle product, making these the only book/disk self-contained Oracle learning solution available.

-- In Oracle8i for Windows NT Starter Kit, we will provide all of the information and tools that any Oracle DBA or application developer deploying Oracle8i will need in a concise, well thought out manner. Moving from basic to administration to advanced topics, this book will cover such areas as Oracle fundamentals, planning and installingOracle8i, PL/SQL, objects, backup and recovery, and much more. With the inclusion of the product software, the reader will also get the tools to put the knowledge to the test.

-- A new kind of tool for Oracle professionals, Oracle8i for Windows NT Starter Kit, has many selling points: 

-- The only self-contained book/disk learning tool available

-- Complete coverage of installation, administration, and troubleshooting

-- CD-ROM including official version of Oracle8i for Windows NT.


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