Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Cookbook


АвторAlexandre Borges
ИздательствоPackt Publishing

Год: 2014
Страниц: 478
ФорматEbook (изначально электронное)








Oracle Solaris is one of the most widely deployed UNIX-based operating systems in industries today, perfect for critical environments, high-performance professionals, and nonstop infrastructures.

This book gives an in-depth coverage on every important feature in the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system. Starting with how to manage the IPS repository and make a local repository, you will proceed to create your own IPS package. Then you will learn about handling boot environments, configuring and managing ZFS frameworks, and ZFS shadowing. You will cruise ahead to implement zones, create SMF services, review SMF operations, and also configure an Automated Installer, which is part of the new software deployment architecture introduced in Oracle Solaris 11.

You will advance through role-based access control (RBAC) and least privileges. You will then learn how to configure and administer resource manager, and finally you will be introduced to Oracle Solaris performance tuning.


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