Oracle Database 11g New Features

Автор: Robert G. Freeman
Издательство: Oracle Press, McGraw-Hill

Год: 2008
Страниц: 362
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF (Изначально электронное)
ISBN: 0071595783, 0071496610, 9780071496612



Realize the full potential of Oracle Database 11g with help from the experts. Written by Robert G. Freeman, and with insightful commentary throughout from Arup Nanda, this Oracle Press guide offers full details on the architectural changes, database administration upgrades, availability and recovery revisions, security enhancements, and programming innovations. Every new and updated feature is covered and presented with screenshots, code samples, tables, and charts. Find out how to take full advantage of all the new and improved capabilities of Oracle Database 11g, including:
- New Oracle Automatic Storage Management features, such as Fast Disk Resync, Compatibility Attributes, Preferred Mirror Read, and Rolling Upgrade components
- Improved Automated Memory Management capabilities
- New database design features, such as virtual columns, tablespace encryption, and true table-level data compression
- New Database Advisors for data recovery and repair, partitioning, and streams performance
- New tuning features, such as Automatic SQL Tuning and SQL Performance Analyzer
- Enhancements to Oracle RMAN, including active database duplication and UNDO backup optimization
- Improved auditing and security capabilities
- Advanced BI, data warehousing, and partitioning features
- New SQL and PL/SQL enhancements


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