Oracle Database 11g : The Complete Reference


Название: Oracle Database 11g  : Полное руководство

Автор: Kevin Loney 

Издательство: Mc Graw Hill

Год: 2009

Страниц: 1396

Формат: pdf (OCR) 

Размер: 4,61 мб

Качество: изначально электронное (ebooks)

Язык: английский

ISBN: 978-0-07-159876-7




Get full details on the powerful features of Oracle Database 11g from this thoroughly updated Oracle Press guide. Oracle Database 11g: The Complete Reference explains how to use all the new features and tools, execute powerful SQL queries, construct PL/SQL and SQL*Plus statements, and work with large objects and object-relational databases. Learn how to implement the latest security measures, tune database performance, and deploy grid computing techniques. An invaluable cross-referenced appendix containing Oracle commands, keywords, features, and functions is also included. 



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