Oracle 12c For Dummies


АвторChris Ruel, Wessler
ИздательствоWiley / For Dummies

Год: 2013
ФорматEbook (изначально электронное)



Learn to:

  • Design, install, and configure your Oracle 12c softwarestack
  • Tune and maintain your database for optimal performance
  • Protect, back up, and recover your valuable data
  • Manage your database better and more easily than everbefore

Discover the power of Oracle and build, manage, and maintain anOracle database

If implementing and managing an Oracle database is part of yourjob (or the job you want!), this book is what you need. You'll seewhy Oracle is the enterprise database of choice, understand itsarchitecture, and learn to create, implement, and fine-tune anOracle database. Then you'll learn to secure it, build a backupplan, and keep it running.

  • Database essentials: set up, deploy, and manage an Oracle12c database and learn what to expect as an Oracle databaseadministrator
  • Cloudy is clear: plug into the cloud; your Oracle 12cdatabase is designed for cloud hosting
  • Data is big: use Oracle's newest features to organize,analyze, and capitalize on existing data so you can get more fromyour big data
  • Fine-tune for perfection: learn to tune and maintain yourdatabase for optimal performance
  • Safety first: utilize the latest security features thatensure data privacy
  • Keeping it happy: make a checklist of databasemaintenance duties and police it appropriately
  • Wait, there's more: understand the architecture of OracleMultitenant, a new feature that lets you consolidate multipledatabases in the cloud

Open the book and find:

  • Why database architecture is important
  • How to prepare for deployment
  • Everything you need to know about the Oracle environment
  • Advice on using the database configuration assistant
  • Some SQL basics
  • Database tune-up tips
  • How to handle authentication
  • Valuable troubleshooting advice


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