Oracle Security


Автор: William Henney, Marlene Theriault
ИздательствоO'Reilly Media

Год: 1998
Страниц: 456
ФорматПечатный (отличное, отсканированный текст)








Security in a relational database management system is complex, and too few DBAs, system administrators, managers, and developers understand how Oracle implements system and database security. This book gives you the guidance you need to protect your databases.Oracle security has many facets:

·         Establishing an organization's security policy and plan

·         Protecting system files and passwords

·         Controlling access to database objects (tables, views, rows, columns, etc.)

·         Building appropriate user profiles, roles, and privileges

·         Monitoring system access via audit trails

Oracle Security describes how these basic database security features are implemented and provides many practical strategies for securing Oracle systems and databases. It explains how to use the Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Security Server to enhance your site's security, and it touches on such advanced security features as encryption, Trusted Oracle, and various Internet and World Wide Web protection strategies.A table of contents follows:Preface Part I: Security in an Oracle System

·         Oracle and Security

·         Oracle System Files

·         Oracle Database Objects

·         The Oracle Data Dictionary

·         Default Roles and User Accounts

·         Profiles, Passwords, and Synonyms

Part II: Implementing Security

·         Developing a Database Security Plan

·         Installing and Starting Oracle

·         Developing a Simple Security Application

·         Developing an Audit Plan

·         Developing a Sample Audit Application

·         Backing Up and Recovering a Database

·         Using the Oracle Enterprise Manager

·         Maintaining User Accounts

Part III: Enhanced Oracle Security

·         Using the Oracle Security Server

·         Using the Internet and the Web

·         Using Extra-Cost Options

Appendix A. References



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