Oracle Application Express 5.1 Basics & Beyond

Автор: Riaz Ahmed
Издательство: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Год: January 17, 2017
Страниц: 362
Язык: английский
ISBN: 1542452546



 You will find stuff about workspace, application, page, and so on in every APEX book. But this book is unique because the information it contains is not available anywhere else! Unlike other books, it adopts a stimulating approach to reveal almost every feature necessary for the beginners of Oracle APEX and also takes them beyond the basics.

As a technology enthusiast I write on a variety of new technologies, but writing books on Oracle Application Express is my passion. The blood pumping comments I get from my readers on Amazon (and in my inbox) are the main forces that motivate me to write a book whenever a new version of Oracle APEX is launched. This is my fifth book on Oracle APEX (and the best so far) written after discovering the latest 5.1 version. As usual, I’m sharing my personal learning experience through this book to expose this unique rapid web application development platform.

In Oracle Application Express you can build robust web applications. The new version is launched with some more prolific tools to maximize developers’ productivity. Once again, I’ve left out the boring bits and have adopted the same practical inspirational approach that has exposed the anatomy of Oracle Application Express to thousands of beginners in the past.

The most convincing way to explore a technology is to apply it to a real world problem. In this book, you’ll develop a sales web application that not only reveals the anatomy of Oracle Application Express, but at the same time provides hands-on techniques that build a solid foundation for you to become a web developer.

Since there are lots of changes in the new version, all content has been revised to slot in these changes, including the features new to version 5.1. The short list below summarizes the features of Oracle APEX 5.1 covered in this book:

  • Hands-on exposure to the new features, such as Interactive Grid, Oracle JET Charts, the new declarative Master-Detail-Detail capabilities, dozens of new properties, and new development procedures
  • Teaches how to rapidly develop data-centric web application for desktops, laptops, tablets, and latest smartphones
  • Produce highly formatted PDF reports, including invoices, grouped reports, and pivot tables (not covered in any other APEX book)
  • Design and implement a comprehensive custom security module (unique to this book)
  • Step-by-step instructions to create mobile version of the application using existing desktop application pages (not covered in any other beginner’s guide)

This is a concise yet a concrete book on Oracle Application Express, written for those who want to become web application developers. The sticky inspirational approach adopted in this book not only exposes the technology, but also draws you in and keeps your interest up till the last exercise. I’m grateful to all my readers whose helpful feedback enabled me to further polish my work in this edition

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