Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite

Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite
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Oracle E-Business Suite, also known as Oracle Applications or Oracle EBS, is sophisticated software that works like a software system, which as a whole supplies the enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain planning application families. It is a software system that consists of global business applications with built-in integrity.

E-Business Suite is a product of Oracle Corporation and was created in late 1980s. The first name of the product was Oracle Financials. After Oracle Financials, the product name changed to Oracle Applications; the next release was called Oracle Application Release 1, introduced in August 1987. Following Oracle Application Release 1, Oracle released its first ERP application called Accounting System in 1988; this application was considered Release 2. After that, the release numbers increased linearly. Oracle continued to enhance the product over the years, and at the time of writing this article, the latest release version is 12.2.5.

Recent Oracle EBS software versions consist of three or four digits. Versions such as, 12.1.3, 12.2.3, 12.2.4, and 12.2.5 are all examples of the EBS software versions used by organizations today. The first digit is the release number, so versions starting with 11 imply Release 11, which is called 11i. Likewise, versions starting with 12 imply Release 12.

Although release numbers describe the general capabilities of the application, there are some exceptions. For example, version is the latest version for the former release EBS 11i (referred to as Release 11), but it is much more enhanced than other 11i releases. The situation is the same for EBS 12.2. EBS 12.2 actually has a different technology and architectural design compared to earlier releases. It is really different, and in our perspective, this enhanced new-generation EBS 12.2 is not Release 12 anymore. The enhancements, changes in the technology components, new administration methods, utilities, and innovations in EBS 12.2 are so exciting that they’re the reason we’re writing this blog.

There are several applications in E-Business Suite’s application families. We will introduce these applications in the forthcoming sections.

EBS can be called a software systembecause it is software as a whole and includes its own database, application server, and software running on top of this stack. By using the cross-industry capabilities of EBS, organizations can make decisions in a better, faster, reliable, and more cost-efficient way. Some of the business applications are already in EBS, and some of the applications are separate but tightly integrated with it. We describe the applications in EBS in the following sections.


Some of the EBS applications in the application families covered next are actually solutions, so they have no short product codes. They are considered as extensions to the other applications and are created by using the capabilities of other EBS applications. These solutions, as we call them, may contain more than one product across different EBS modules. They can be enabled by performing some of the setup with the dependent Oracle E-Business applications and some of the setup within the solutions themselves.


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